2022 Rising Star: Dominique Buckner


As IT security analyst, Dominique Buckner has had an outsized impact at Enact both in business results and driving employee culture. Buckner has led several initiatives to secure Enact systems against vulnerabilities. She also co-founded and co-leads the Whoever in Technology (WIT) employee resource group (ERG) which educates and empowers its members, especially minorities, to be successful in a technology-based environment.

Buckner’s work as a security analyst is a critical support for helping Enact protect itself against cyber vulnerabilities. In her year in the role, Buckner has made several significant contributions both to securing Enact’s environment and preventing the risk of possible damage from potential attacks. Her biggest contribution to securing the environment has been fixing, upgrading and implementing a host-intrusion detection system. By solving the issues, Buckner ensured Enact’s security arsenal had a powerful tool. She also coordinated penetration and vulnerability testing using a variety of security software. On the mitigation side, Buckner has led several projects to mitigate potential damage from any potential cyberattack. Most critically, she created a script to scan the entire company file storage system, a task so large that it took 3 weeks for the script to complete the scan. 

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

Don’t be afraid to take risks, to be uncomfortable or to seek exposure. 


Dominique Buckner




IT Security Analyst

Company Name:

Enact Mortgage Insurance

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