2022 HW Vanguard: William J. Tessar


CIVIC Financial Services President Bill Tessar is a one-of-a-kind leader and a once-in-a-lifetime mentor. Over the past year, he has proven yet again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the private lending space. He conquered the extraordinarily tall order of driving a private money lender through an acquisition by a publicly traded company,  doing so amid a global pandemic, volatile market and ever changing financial landscape. His mastery of knowing when to lead tactically vs. strategically has  impacted the direction and continued growth of CIVIC Financial Services.

Tessar’s contributions to CIVIC and the private lending space have instilled credibility, integrity and confidence in the industry, in turn paving the way and opening doors to new opportunities. From lenders to borrowers, young professionals to mortgage veterans and Main Street to Wall Street, the impact of Tessar’s contributions has incrementally raised the bar for the entire industry. He continues to apply his 30-plus years of conventional mortgage experience and with that, continues to apply the discipline to CIVIC.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Don’t ever get outworked. When you put your head on your pillow at night, you will rest knowing that you didn’t get outworked. This simple concept has motivated me throughout my entire life. 


William J. Tessar



Company Name:

CIVIC Financial Services

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