2022 HW Vanguard: Tawn Kelley


Taylor Morrison home funding  President Tawn Kelley began in the mortgage industry over 35 years ago. In that time, she has gone from entry-level roles through entrepreneurial success to now leading financial services at one of the largest public home builders in the United States. She learned early on in her career to prioritize strategy, organizational alignment, working norms, teams and processes. She firmly believes in transparent leadership and consistently shares information with her team to foster a sense of trust and provide motivation.

Kelley has been a true inspiration to her team in this ever-changing mortgage and housing environment, and she has displayed many behaviors indicative of a true leader during these unprecedented times. Kelley is regularly challenges the status quo, pushing her leaders to think differently, innovate and shift to ensure best-in-class business practices and an unparalleled customer experience.

What has been the secret to your success? 

A commitment to growing and giving opportunities for others to grow. Approach every shift as a gift to make a difference. Learn from challenges and lead our team with purpose. Together we can overcome anything. 


Tawn Kelley



Company Name:

Taylor Morrison Home Funding

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