2022 HW Vanguard: Rob Barber


Through his clear and concise direction, ATTOM CEO Rob Barber ensures the company delivers data-driven critical insights and analytics-ready property data solutions that address a wide range of business needs. 

Barber’s laser-sharp focus on positioning ATTOM as the most comprehensive property data provider remains steadfast. It continues to influence and secure partnerships with industry-leading companies to bring new datsets to the market to power innovation.

Barber directs the enterprise, data and proudct strategy, customer acquisition and service,  as well as corporate management teams and leads the company’s corporate M&A strategy. Barber’s passion for property data guides the ATTOM team of forward-thinking experts, who are dedicated to ensuring ATTOM’s key stakeholders achieve success through a culture of integrity and excellence in a positive and collaborative environment.

What is one habit that has made a  crucial-difference in your success?

Setting a full schedule for Mondays, front-loading the week with important tasks aligned with goals. It helps ensure it’s nearly impossible to have a bad or unproductive week.


Rob Barber



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