2022 HW Tech Trendsetter: Brett Brumley


Brett Brumley, CEO of Lender Toolkit, has built his company’s contribution to the industry around the idea of seamlessly integrating technology solutions for the housing economy. When he began in lending, he noticed a lack of knowledge surrounding mortgage software and transformed the use of technology across the company. His innovative use of technology is the foundation of Brumley’s passion for driving the mortgage industry into the digital era.

Brumley’s high-tech education led him to share the impact of a more innovative workflow with the executive team, citing increased accuracy and volume. By implementing his methods, he changed their way of doing business for the better. This moment was the spark that ignited the idea for Lender Toolkit. Once Brumley made the discovery for one company, he saw an opportunity to lead a digital mortgage transformation on a much larger scale. Today, Lender Toolkit has a footprint touching billions of dollars a year across hundreds of lenders. Digitizing processes improves overall experience and profitability.


Brett Brumley



Company Name:

Lender Toolkit

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