2022 HW Insider: Geoffrey Hickman

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Geoffrey Hickman, executive manager of credit and economic inclusion at Equifax, is a 30-year industry veteran with deep connections and relationships across the mortgage, capital markets, government and consumer advocacy worlds. He works tirelessly to leverage his position inside Equifax and the relationships he has built to help advance mortgage industry efforts to improve credit access and financial inclusion for underserved markets. His particular focus is on finding ways to leverage alternative credit data to ease the path to credit for individuals seeking homeownership.

Hickman is a respected and trusted liaison between Equifax and the many different entities that he works with. The mortgage industry is laser-focused on things like ESG, credit inclusion and economic access. Hickman serves as a voice for the industry and the consumer inside of Equifax as the company contemplates how to serve the market and consumers. Based in Washington, D.C., Hickman is a visible presence connecting Equifax with consumer advocacy groups. 


Geoffrey Hickman


Executive Manager, Credit & Economic Inclusion

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