2022 Finance Leader: Marc Greenberg


Over three years ago, Marc Greenberg joined Blend as the company’s chief financial officer, and he is responsible for supporting the long-term vision of financial services customers and up-leveling internal capabilities and processes to help propel the financial services industry into the digital age. Through Greenberg’s guidance and leadership, Blend has been focused on delivering value to its customers. In 2021, Greenberg led the company through a $300 million Series G funding round, a major acquisition and an IPO. During the COVID–19, Greenberg acted as the company’s interim leader for the IT services and people operations team as the company experienced a rapid increase in employee headcount.

As a leader, Greenberg has upheld a sustained, broad and material impact on Blend’s strategy and decision-making, as well as driven Blend’s success as a public company whose technology is used by large banks and more than 330 other financial services firms, credit unions, communities and independent mortgage brokers.


Marc Greenberg


Chief Financial Officer

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