2021 Vanguard: Uday Devalla


Uday Devalla  is the chief technology officer of mortgage servicing software company Sagent. Devalla has been a mortgage innovation insider through every major advance in the modern era, from helping build the origination industry’s first automated underwriting system at Countrywide — which paved the way for the success of today’s top AUS Fannie Mae DU — to modernizing one of the largest nonbank tech platforms during the 2013-2019 digital mortgage era that powered Blackstone-owned Stearns as well as top fintech SoFi’s mortgage lending. Today, Devalla is leading the last mile of mortgage modernization by rewiring the servicing industry with the same consumer-first, bank-on-your-phone experience that people get in every other aspect of their lives.

Devalla joined Sagent as CTO in September 2020 and leads more than 400 team members on executing the firm’s ambitious “consumer-first servicing modernization” vision. This time period was, and remains, in the heat of unprecedented pandemic-driven homeowner hardships and real-time policymaking to provide relief. In this era, servicers have all the opportunity — and all the compliance and reputational risk — of caring for consumers. 

Without disrupting daily real-time servicing operations for Sagent’s servicing clients, Devalla led a comprehensive migration to entirely cloud-based platforms in 2020 and early 2021. This resulted in highly configurable, modular performing, nonperforming, and consumer platforms that enable servicers to ace every customer care detail and remain in real-time compliance with real-time regs and GSE/investor changes.

What’s the secret to your success?

“My secret to success is pushing myself to view the world through a housing consumer’s eyes. They don’t know or care about the wildly complex details we deal with in the mortgage industry, they just know they want to buy, finance, improve, and sell homes easily. It’s our job to simplify it for them.”


Uday Devalla


Chief Technology Officer

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