2021 Vanguard: Brian Zitin


Brian Zitin is revolutionizing the appraisal process with a two-sided platform for mortgage lenders and appraisal vendors. Not only is he modernizing the experience for everyone involved, but Reggora’s technology is also designed to reduce turn times and help the industry get closer to a one-day mortgage reality. Zitin is leading the Reggora team and product development with three core focuses: shortening the overall amount of time it takes to complete an appraisal, reducing lenders’ operational costs and the amount of time spent managing the appraisal process and creating a more transparent experience for banks and borrowers.

Over the last 12 months, Zitin has worked to incorporate the core values of Reggora as he and the team diligently work toward the goal of shrinking appraisal turn times. This has meant embracing a nimble corporate structure. Zitin taps into his team’s peak agility by cutting away at bureaucracy and red tape and making sure everyone feels empowered. It has also meant fostering an environment where everyone contributes and the best idea wins. Zitin has cultivated a workforce that delivers their best effort, every day. This mantra is at the core of the company’s culture. 

Zitin also serves as a mentor for rising entrepreneurs graduating from his alma mater, Boston University, and other local entrepreneurs in Boston. For Zitin, this means offering green entrepreneurs practical business advice like reviewing their pitch decks or just giving them general product advice. He also contributes to Boston University’s summer startup accelerator program as a speaker. The program matches aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs.

What has been your secret to success?

“My success boils down to a combination of risk-taking and hard work. Coming out of college, my co-founder and I turned down jobs to pursue our vision of transforming residential valuation. I knew very little about the industry, but I was confident that with focus and drive I could learn enough to be dangerous.” 


Brian Zitin



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