2021 Tech Trendsetter: Marty Haldane

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Marty Haldane leads the valuation technology development across all of Voxtur after the company he founded, Anow, was acquired by Voxtur in 2021. Haldane was responsible for leading the integration of Anow and Voxtur into one of the largest lenders in the U.S. Haldane helped move them from relying completely on AMCs for all of their valuations to using Anow to launch a direct-to-appraiser model using its valuation technology to decrease the time it takes to get a valuation and create a better experience for their mortgage broker channel. Anow was already used by thousands of appraisers across the world, and now lenders can integrate directly into an appraiser’s back office software to execute a faster and more transparent appraisal process.

Since the acquisition, Haldane’s team built and launched the lender and AMC portal that has already launched with one of the nation’s largest lenders in summer 2021. Since being acquired by Voxtur, the monthly appraisal volume across Voxtur’s valuation technology has increased by over 80%.


Marty Haldane


President, Anow & Valuation Software

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