2021 HW Rising Star: Dilly Sanborn-Marsh

Dilly Sanborn-Marsh

As a product manager at Blend, Dilly Sanborn-Marsh drives solutions that impact the consumer lending industry at large. Since joining the company in 2018, Sanborn-Marsh has played an integral role in supporting the expansion of Blend’s products and services across the consumer banking ecosystem with a commitment to making homeownership more affordable and accessible. When the pandemic hit, Sanborn-Marsh quickly pivoted her focus to help lenders navigate this new economic climate.

Interest rates dropped and Blend’s customers across the country experienced a surge in refinancing applications – up to 400%. Understanding the need for a digital solution, Sanborn-Marsh worked to develop Blend’s “volume control” features for lenders, which helped them streamline leads that were most likely to be closed based on borrower intent and context, and reduced processing workload by eliminating unnecessary tasks.

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?
“My mentor always said it was important to get 8 hours of sleep. The habit has helped me make sure I start each day off with a fresh mind and perspective. As badly as I want to keep running through walls day and night, I’ve come to realize that stepping away from a problem for a little can help me find faster, more impactful paths forward.”


Dilly Sanborn-Marsh




Product Manager

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