Frank Martell: Coming through the cycle as a winner

In October of 2023 we invited Frank Martell to the stage at HousingWire Annual to chat with Clayton Collins about his new role as CEO of loanDepot and progress toward his Vision 2025 plan. Today, we are bringing that conversation to your feed as a glimpse into what we call “Battlefield Playbooks” and to preview the amazing interviews that you’ll experience on stage at The Gathering coming up on April 21. Frank and Clayton discuss his vision for loanDepot’s future, market trends, regulatory challenges, and more.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The strategic plan that loanDepot is implementing emphasizes adaptability to current realities while exploring future opportunities
  • The importance of focusing on balancing near-term ROI with long-term infrastructure investments, particularly in technology
  • The benefits of having different but complementary leadership styles within your organization, and how Frank thinks about his strengths and experience in contrast to founder Anthony Hsieh 

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The Power House podcast is a show about leadership, markets and entrepreneurship in the housing industry. Each Thursday, Clayton Collins speaks with CEOs and founders to reveal how the most impactful executives think about business growth, operational strategy, and leadership.

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