News and information focused on senior housing, retirement income planning and equity release products. Reverse Review was founded in 2008, and acquired by HousingWire in 2018.


  • Most Americans want to own a home in retirement

    Survey reveals 85% want to own, and most don’t plan on having a mortgage
    For many, retirement goals include travel, leisure and, apparently, homeownership, as a survey reveals 85% of non-retirees want to own a home when they're in retirement. But the grim reality is that a good number of Americans may still carry mortgages into retirement, and that’s why some experts say reverse mortgages deserve a second look.
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  • Reverse mortgage volume falls to 13-year low

    Despite record levels of tappable home equity, program changes have squashed volume
    Reverse mortgage endorsements have dropped 15.5% in June from the previous month, hitting a low the industry hasn’t seen since 2005. To help turn things around, lenders in the space are working to innovate, creating private equity release products that might provide an answer to the industry’s problems.
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  • Overall share of equity withdrawals drops to 4-year low

    Just over 1% of available equity was tapped last quarter
    American homeowners have record amounts of equity in their homes, $5.8 trillion to be exact. But the percentage of tappable equity withdrawn fell in the first quarter of 2018 to the lowest share in four years as higher interest rates impact borrowers' decisions.
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  • HELOC use is on the rise

    More Americans are tapping their home equity
    For most homeowners, a good portion of their money is tied up in their house. But a sizable number are no longer content to sit on that nest egg and watch it grow. They want cash – now – and they’re tapping their home equity to get it.
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  • Startup Hometap wants to invest in your home equity

    Launches product offering debt-free access to equity in Massachusetts
    Wish you could tap your home equity but don’t want to take on more debt? You may soon have another option. Hometap has created a product that invests in properties alongside homeowners, providing them access to as much as 20% of their equity, and it just announced its launch in Massachusetts.
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  • Reverse mortgages for the win

    Breaking down home equity use in our brand-new beat
    Before you tell me that reverse mortgages may be the most boring and least sexy topic you’ve ever heard, let me tell you this: You’re right. BUT, turning your equity into cash and using it to maintain your lifestyle in retirement is, actually, kind of sexy. Right?
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  • HousingWire acquires The Reverse Review, adds Editor Jessica Guerin

    Guerin to lead expanded coverage of housing wealth market
    More exciting changes are happening at HousingWire! This week, we are announcing our acquisition of The Reverse Review. This means a new fresh face at HousingWire. Reverse Review Editor Jessica Guerin is joining HousingWire’s staff as an editor to lead our expanding coverage of the housing wealth market and is launching a Reverse Review newsletter.
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  • Title Tip: The 411 on Manufactured Homes

    Have you ever had a potential borrower approach you about taking a loan on their manufactured home? Here’s what you need to know about these types of properties.A manufactured home (formerly known as a mobile home) is built to the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards according to HUD Code. The home must display a red certification label on the exterior of each transportable section. Manufactured homes are built in the controlled environment of a manufacturing plant and are transported in one or more sections on a permanent chassis. A manufactured home is considered personal property, just like a vehicle.
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  • Servicing: When Catastrophe Hits

    Two catastrophic hurricanes hit in both Texas and Florida within two weeks. As this is being typed, Hurricane Maria is wreaking havoc on Puerto Rico. “Harvey” and “Irma,” once relatively obscure names, will no doubt live in infamy for years to come. According to Mortgage News Daily, “Irma-related disaster areas now include more than 90 percent of all mortgaged properties in Florida.” A large number of reverse mortgage borrowers have been impacted and the quality and compassion of the servicing function was put to the test. From the moment a natural disaster notification alert is first sounded to the day
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  • Originating: In Defense of Equity Consumption

    The seminar topic was probate. But the two opening questions took my thoughts far afield.“How many here want to leave their kids an inheritance?” Nearly every hand went up. “How many here are likely to have an inheritance to leave?” Not as many hands went up. In fact, not many hands went up, period. The speaker, a Circuit Court judge, wasn’t asking these two questions of just any group; this was an assembly of some 200 attorneys, presumably a demographic with a greater-than-average net worth. I sat through the session scribbling down thoughts churning in my brain, the foremost being
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