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Brokerage firms have often speculated about how well teams perform from a profit and loss point of view, as well as how productive they are. In this research study, RealTrends definitely answers these two big questions. Brokers can put to rest any doubts that well run teams are, in fact, highly profitable enterprises. 

In 2017, RealTrends researched what teams seek in terms of value from their brokerage. 

We combine that information with new facts about how to attract and retain teams of all shapes and sizes. 

RealTrends surveyed 2,000 top teams in the country based on the 2021 RealTrends America’s Best Real Estate Professionals rankings. The teams in the survey averaged $3.17 million in gross commission revenues, had been in business for 10.9 years and had 13.9 agents and 4.5 employees on their teams.

More than just numbers, this new study shows the power of lead generation and the provision of client and customer business opportunities in terms of value to real estate agents. It offers a powerful benchmark for teams to gauge performance against and brokers to determine value-added services to offer their agents.

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