Quicken Loans on how to create systemic change

Today’s Daily Download episode features two change agents at the Quicken Loans and the Rock Family of Companies who are not only making an impact in our industry but in the nation for their work on diversity, inclusion and systemic change. Those two change agents are Trina Scott, chief diversity officer at Quicken Loans, and Laura Grannemann, vice president of strategic investments at the Quicken Loans Community Fund

Both women share tangible tips on how listeners can create impactful change in their own communities or companies.

This interview spotlights the Kudos feature for HousingWire Magazine’s August issue, which covers the impact people are having in our industry that goes beyond the four walls of the office. These two interviews, in particular, are extra special too, so be sure to check out the August issue when it comes out to learn more. 

While both of these interviews are condensed for the podcast, they still showcase the work they’re doing and ways listeners can implement change in their own world. 

Here’s a sneak peak of the August Kudos feature: 

As Quicken Loans’ first chief diversity officer in a dedicated diversity and inclusion role, Scott leads the charge in aligning strategic leadership efforts with overall strategy around key initiatives: diverse recruits and team members; engaging, retaining and developing all team members; community impact; and what they’re doing in the marketplace. To Scott, diversity and inclusion begins with culture.

“Oftentimes, when people are in the diversity, equity and inclusion space, the knee jerk reaction is to turn to programming,” she said. “I’m proud to say that while we have programmatic things that are in place, we really started to do some self-reflecting of our organization.”

Meanwhile, leading another company within the Quicken Loans and Rock FOC that shares the same ISMs and drive as Scott, is Laura Grannemann. As vice president of strategic investments at the Quicken Loans Community Fund, Grannemann oversees the philanthropic arm of Quicken Loans and the Rock FOC, helping drive systemic change through investing $30 million annually.

“The opportunity that we saw when we first founded this organization was that we have such a dramatic influence across several different spheres,” she said.  “It’s not just our philanthropic capital, although our philanthropic capital is really important. The best way to make an impact in our communities has been to pull all of those different resources together and leverage them at the same time towards one mission.”

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