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What’s Next in Housing: Inventory, Prices, Affordability & Interest Rates

Today’s HousingWire Daily kicks off the first episode of the Preparing for What’s Next miniseries, sponsored by Black Knight and hosted by Assistant Editor of Content Solutions, Jordan White. 

In today’s episode, White is joined by Andy Walden, vice president of market research at Black Knight, and Mike Sklarz, managing director of the Collateral Analytics division of Black Knight. Walden and Sklarz discuss the future of the housing market and what’s next in housing inventory, prices, affordability, and interest rates.

Here is a small preview of the interview, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Jordan White: You know, a lot of our listeners right now are actively making plans for 2022. What steps do they need to be taking today to best capitalize on the current market?

Andy: If you look at how homebuyers will likely navigate the next couple of years, I think mobility is going to be a key thing, right? I think you’re going to see borrowers that are maybe priced out of more expensive markets, start to search elsewhere to participate in the housing market. 

Mike: On the lender side, we see opportunities with more HELOC, home equity loans. And again, for the homeowner who doesn’t want to move, like we’ve seen in the past year, but can tap into the some of the significant equity that they have built up over the last year or several years, this would be a good time to take advantage of that. 

So, we think that might be an interesting opportunity for lenders in the coming year.

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