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Real Estate Webmasters (REW) CRM is the perfect tool for real estate professionals, offering a unique “adoption engine” for effortless lead follow-up and conversion. With its mobile-friendly design and powerful features like REW Deals, sources, lead motivation, interests and tags, REW CRM revolutionizes workflow optimization, budget attribution and lead management.

REW CRM effectively addresses three critical challenges in the real estate industry. First, it provides a solution to streamline lead management and conversion by offering a clear roadmap through its “adoption engine.” Secondly, REW’s CRM streamlines workflow and operations with its automation capabilities and its smart lists, enabling consistent follow-ups and overall workflow optimization. REW CRM also revolutionizes budget attribution by introducing REW Deals and Sources, providing accurate tracking of ROI and conversions.

Using digital services, particularly REW CRM, one client achieved a remarkable ROI of over 1000% in 2023. The revolutionary lead management capabilities and robust analytics of REW CRM played a pivotal role in offering actionable insights, empowering clients to navigate their processes more effectively and close a higher number of deals.

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Real Estate Sales

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Nanaimo, B.C.

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