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LauraMac is one of the leading providers of technology for companies acquiring assets in the mortgage secondary market. The company provides a unique client experience allowing all participants in a transaction — buyers, sellers and third-party due diligence providers — to participate in the process and in the technology in real-time. State-of-the-art proprietary document recognition and data extraction models use deep learning and AI to start the process of validating documents and data. Configurable workflow allows clients to design the asset acquisition and due diligence process to fit their needs irrespective of the asset class and the level of review required on the loan. A robust rules engine allows clients to design their own findings and rules to automate tasks and create an exception-based review. This is a modern SaaS technology designed by mortgage professionals and built by experienced engineers.

  • It has been adopted by over a dozen clients in the first nine months of operation.
  • Over the first nine months of go-live, the platform has been used to perform diligence for over 35,000 loans with an active 1000+ users across 100+ sellers, investors and buyers acting as counterparties in the diligence process.
  • It has enabled clients to increase efficiencies and turn on reviews by the ability to automate the workflow, track analysts time in tasks and pages and track loan findings curative process.

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