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In 2023, homegenius Real Estate served the industry a double helping of innovation with two major digital product launches that help consumers find their dream home and help lenders engage with their customers. At the beginning of 2023, homegenius debuted the world’s first AI-powered home search tool that takes homebuyers on a personalized journey “from Pinterest to purchase” and provides “geniusprice” commercial-grade home price estimates. Only a few months later, the company introduced the ability for lenders to integrate homegenius’s home search tool and other AI-powered real estate technology into their websites, allowing them to engage with customers throughout the homebuying journey and beyond.

When it comes to home search, one of the performance metrics most important to homegenius and its users is the accuracy of the price estimates. Homebuyers and sellers are seeking reliable price estimates that provide them a better understanding of property values in the market. Diligence testing has shown that the geniusprice AVM is the most accurate home value estimate, backed by better data, AI and advanced machine learning. The national median error rate for active homes on the market is 1.57% compared to other AVMs in the market, which range from 2.11% and above. Likewise, the median error rate for off-market homes is 6.14% for geniusprice, compared to competitor error rates of 6.43% and above.

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Markets Served:

Real Estate Sales, Single Family Investment and Property Management and Real Estate Data and Analytics

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Wayne, PA

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