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Powered by Consolidated Analytics, loanDNA enhances loan processing with machine learning models and AI components from due diligence to valuations to servicing. loanDNA seamlessly integrates with existing document management solutions and loan review software, creating a unified experience that empowers originators, servicers, asset-holders, and investors to make informed decisions.

loanDNA is the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform developed as a single solution platform using optical character recognition, robotic process automation, intelligent document processing and analytics, and document management solution. In the digital information landscape, loanDNA transforms images and documents into accurately categorized, versioned loan documents, setting a new standard in seamless efficiency.

The results speak for themselves. Before execution, the bookmarking process took 60-90 minutes per document. After loanDNA, that time was reduced to 15-20 minutes per document, an efficiency gain of 300%. Before loanDNA, the data extraction process took 120-150 minutes per document; with loanDNA, it was down to 60-90 minutes per document, a 100% efficiency gain.

Consolidated Analytics expects similar results as loanDNA evolves to tackle the quality control process and vendor management in 2024.

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Loan Origination, Servicing, and Capital Markets

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Santa Ana, CA

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