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The Aspen Platform is engineered to transform mortgage servicing by minimizing risks associated with non-performing loans and maximizing profits from performing ones.

The company’s unique approach creates a unified file that seamlessly orchestrates across all servicing platforms, ensuring a trustworthy single source of truth. This eliminates manual errors and compliance challenges and enhances operational inefficiencies, paving the way for enhanced revenue, better oversight and robust cost control.

In the complex landscape of mortgage servicing, Aspen Grove stands out as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. The platform addresses the expensive and risky nature of mortgage servicing, especially in scenarios of borrower default, by orchestrating a seamless hand-off between systems and departments. This orchestration not only minimizes costly and time-consuming processes but also significantly reduces risk and aligns with compliance goals.

Aspen’s innovative modules have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness in improving efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing compliance. The company has achieved 40% savings on vendor-requested spend through 100% upfront validation and continues to lead the field in inspections and preservation.

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