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Arturo is on a mission to empower people by providing clarity around the past, present and future of property. The company creates, gathers, synchronizes and analyzes the most important data that impacts property, so insurance companies, mortgage companies, contractors and other members of the property ecosystem can better predict the unpredictable and protect their customers from the unimaginable. Its AI-based platform identifies critical property characteristics, triangulates vulnerabilities and even provides rapid insights post-disaster, so clients can focus on what matters most: their customer and shared commitment to protecting our world.

Arturo’s next-generation property analytics platform leverages proprietary AI models that process imagery and distill over 150 predictive analytics and attributes, including roof material, roof condition, number of stories, tree overhang and solar panels, and can even detect property damage. These can be used to underwrite a property, assess value and make other condition-based estimations that may traditionally require a site visit. To boot, all of these insights can be delivered in under 300 milliseconds, giving clients the ability to utilize these fast and actionable insights to make confident decisions.

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Real Estate Data and Analytics

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Denver, CO

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