Rocket to shut down origination channel for real estate and insurance agents

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Angel Ai is a cutting-edge AI-driven platform with an easy-to-use chat-based user interface. “She” revolutionizes the mortgage process through AI-driven innovation, seamlessly guiding users through financial transactions from origination to closing. The company’s cutting-edge technology, rooted in empathetic interactions, ensures precision, transparency and efficiency. Angel Ai’s adaptive learning, industry-specific modules and ethical AI framework redefine the mortgage landscape, setting new standards for fair lending and personalized user experiences.

Angel Ai, developed by Celligence International LLC., stands at the forefront of transformative technology in the mortgage and real estate industries. Angel Ai is a sophisticated AI personal assistant that operates on an intuitive chat-based user interface, simulating human conversation. This easy-to-use interface allows users to interact naturally, similar to conversing with a friend, thereby simplifying complex financial processes into straightforward conversations. Powered by Augmented Intelligence, Angel Ai goes beyond traditional AI capabilities, incorporating human oversight to ensure accuracy and reliability in all interactions.

Company Website:

Markets Served:

Loan Origination, Servicing, Title, Closing and Qualifying

Company HQ:

Cerritos, CA

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