Kelsey Ramírez

Kelsey Ramírez

Kelsey Ramírez is a Reporter at HousingWire. Ramírez is a journalism graduate of University of Texas at Arlington. Ramírez previously covered hard issues such as homelessness and domestic violence and began at HousingWire as an Editorial Assistant.


  • Mortgage lenders once again turning a profit

    But production income still at all-time low for Q2
    Independent mortgage bankers pulled back into the black during the second quarter after seeing the worst quarter for profitability in years during the first quarter. However, even after rising from the first quarter’s loss, when measured in basis points, pre-tax net production income reached its lowest level for any second quarter since the inception of the MBA’s report in 2008.
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  • Mortgage lender closes doors after failing to invest in tech

    Sells assets to Finance of America Mortgage
    American Equity Mortgage closed its doors for good after its failure to invest in technology made it unable to compete with other mortgage lenders. Many lenders hope that investing in digital mortgages will help cut back on costs as competition rises, but for American Equity Mortgage, that investment was simply too little, too late.
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  • FHFA proposes new rule to reduce compliance burdens

    Requests comment on changes to golden parachute rule
    The FHFA announced Tuesday its new proposed rule which would amend its rule on golden parachute payments in order to reduce compliance burdens. The agency explained some parts of the rule are too broad, and overregulate areas where there is little risk of excess or abuse.
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  • Housing industry remembers Sen. John McCain

    Loss mourned by both sides of political spectrum
    Over the weekend, Sen. John McCain passed away at the age of 81. Now, members of the housing and mortgage finance industries are paying tribute to the renowned Republican politician, expressing their support in remembrance of the war hero-turned U.S. senator from Arizona.
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  • Private mortgage insurance surges in Q2

    New insurance written up 14% annually
    Private mortgage insurance continues to surge, seeing a significant increase in new mortgage insurance written in the second quarter. New mortgage insurance business volume rose to about $80.3 billion, rising 14% annually and hitting a new post-crisis peak.
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  • Moody’s downgrades JPMorgan prime jumbo residential mortgage loans

    But Chase says new rating based on incomplete information
    Moody’s announced it is downgrading its assessment for JPMorgan Chase’s jumbo residential mortgage originator from strong to above average. This change was driven by a significant increase in loans acquired from Chase’s correspondents with delegated underwriting authority. But Chase disputed the downgrade, saying it was based on insufficient information.
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  • Airbnb sues New York City over new host data law

    Law could cut city’s Airbnb revenue in half
    Airbnb is suing New York City over a recently passed law that forces the company to reveal hosts’ data, saying this law violates users privacy rights. New York recently passed new legislation that is designed to target illegal short-term rental activity but is slated to slash Airbnb’s New York booking revenue in half. But now the short-term rental company is fighting back.
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  • Powell defends Fed’s approach to monetary policy

    Expects to continue raising interest rates
    Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell defended the Fed’s current approach to monetary policy in a speech at the Jackson Hole symposium on Friday. In his speech, he outlined the current state of the U.S. economy and expressed his view that, for now, rate hikes will likely continue.
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