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Reggora is on a mission to deliver shorter turn times with its modern appraisal management platform

Reggora is motivated to streamline and modernize the appraisal process

When it comes to innovative appraisal tech, there’s no denying that Reggora continually has its finger on the pulse. With first hand knowledge of how complex and time consuming appraisals can be, Reggora is motivated to streamline and modernize the process, benefiting appraisers, lenders and buyers themselves. 

The leaders behind the continually evolving appraisal tech solutions at Reggora know exactly what it’s like to deal with inefficient appraisal processes. Before founding Reggora, Brian Zitin and Will Denslow, co-founders, launched a successful real estate brokerage. It was during this time that the two were exposed to the shortcomings of the appraisal and valuation process and took the initiative to transform it themselves. 

“The biggest pain point that Reggora addresses is the amount of time and effort it currently takes to complete an appraisal,” Zitin said. “From ordering, scheduling, reviews, and delivery and payments, we are on a mission to deliver drastically shorter turn times.” 

With its modern appraisal management platform, Reggora is focused on reducing cycle times so that lenders can reduce operational costs and increase profitability—incredibly important in today’s shifting market. Lenders on the Reggora platform have reduced turn times by up to 35%, reduced revision rates by up to 50% and claim that they could not have survived the refi-boom without it. 

Faster turn times, along with features such as streamlined payment processing, are also incredibly important to the borrower experience. In addition, loan officers can act as trusted advisors to the borrower and keep referral centers happy, with 24/7 visibility into the appraisal process, which historically has been considered the “black box” of the mortgage process. 

 The Reggora platform also uses Uber-style algorithms to help ensure that appraisers are assigned to jobs in the right locations and at the right times. Reggora’s modern framework has the ability to seamlessly integrate with each lender’s current tech stack, helping guarantee that stakeholders are given the information they need when they need it. 

While Reggora focuses on the future of appraisal and valuation, the founders understand that the best tech isn’t rushed. 

“We are hyper-focused on streamlining and shortening the overall appraisal process; however, it’s crucial that speed does not come at the expense of quality,” Zitin said. 

Reggora’s platform automation helps lenders manage requirements such as fee redisclosures and document delivery while speeding up the early part of the appraisal process and allowing for configurable automation. 

Lenders and appraisers alike continue to count on Reggora’s reputation for future-ready modernization and top tier technology that saves time, reduces costs and improves their bottom line. By helping clients eliminate the need for manual work, Regorra has received shining reports from customers who have benefited big from the automated platform. 

As appraisal modernization continues to take shape, Reggora is uniquely positioned to lead its customers through the ever changing landscape. While the world of real estate increases its reliance on tech products, Reggora is eager to continue providing innovative and adaptable solutions for lenders and appraisers as they forge into the future of automation.


Brian Zitin, Co-Founder and CEO

Brian Zitin is responsible for the company’s overall vision and direction, ensuring Reggora stays focused on serving the best interests of the industry and its customers.


Will Denslow, Co-Founder and CTO

Will Denslow leads all engineering strategies and initiatives, ensuring Reggora delivers innovative, agile and scalable solutions to its lender customers and appraisal vendors.


Kevin Flynn, Vice President, Product 

Kevin Flynn leads product innovation and development for Reggora and works with a team of people focused on user feedback to ensure the best possible product is delivered to customers.

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