Quality Mortgage Services is launching a new program to promote loan quality from the base up. Tommy Duncan, executive vice president of the mortgage solutions firm, said in an interview with HousingWire that because brokers and third-party originators traditionally have not been required to perform quality control post-closing a loan, the burden falls on the lenders. That's why his firm after Nov. 1 is requiring all appraisers who work with QMS to submit extra data verification through a QMS program called Appraisal Defect Detection and Prevention. ADDP, also known as "Add-P," is a quality assurance program designed for the collateral side of mortgage origination. "No one has really mapped out a road to success for ruling out collateral defects," Duncan told HousingWire. "We need validation that [appraisers'] valuation has been checked by another source." Duncan modeled ADDP after the process behind retrieving personal information from tax transcripts. His firm's program validates a person's identity and past residency, as well as verifies a borrower's income history and employment history. Duncan said the program will catch defects or possible fraud much earlier in the origination process so lenders can avoid repurchases. It will also reduce the number of applications bounced back to the appraiser due to discrepancies. Write to Christine Ricciardi.