An Insider’s Look Into How Secondary Marketing Evaluates LOs

In this webinar we’ll explore the long-term financial impacts of renegotiations, extensions and fallouts, plus basic guidelines to be viewed as a professional by your secondary marketing department

HousingWire Annual Virtual Summit

Sessions from HousingWire Annual 2021 are going to be virtually streamed on October 25. Register now for FREE to tune into what housing industry leaders had to say this year!

How Freddie Mac is addressing affordable housing challenges

Freddie Mac is focused on addressing limited access to credit, housing inequalities, creation and preservation of affordable housing supply and advancement of homeownership education.

A NAR board member tells (almost) all

For this week’s Houses in Motion, a miniseries that is part of HousingWire Daily, we spoke with Lisa Dunn about the pressing issues in real estate, including disclosure of agent commission.

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Nomis Mortgage delivers a cross section of competitive pricing, market share and transactional data

Nomis Mortgage can be implemented in just one day, allowing users to quickly get started

Access to analytics and other pricing data can play an integral part in securing a borrower, but traditional data sources are often too sparse or stale to provide any real competitive edge. Nomis Mortgage was created to solve that need.

A complement to an existing PPE or LOS in a lender’s mortgage technology stack, the secure, cloud-native application should be used in tandem to identify areas of price sensitivity, optimize internal operations, and refine competitive strategies. Nomis Mortgage can be implemented in just one day, allowing users to quickly get started translating granular insights into competitive action.

Nomis Mortgage analyzes over 40 million records every day from 350+ competitive lenders nationwide. Paired with Nomis’ robust repository of mortgage market data, the solution facilitates more advanced pricing strategies and enables leading lenders to operate more efficient and far more profitable mortgage businesses.

Through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, Nomis Mortgage pinpoints areas of price sensitivity to enable users to set and confidently execute organizational strategies with intra-daily tracking, as well as understand ongoing market trends and pricing analytics to compete more profitably.

Users gain access to historical margin data, more than 35 million daily pricing data points, aggregated metrics, APR distribution and more. Those that subscribe to the Daily Data Snapshot also receive a comprehensive dataset that can be used to model price sensitivity and identify which segments may have the flexibility to increase margins.

Though many fintech solutions offer a selection of this necessary data, Nomis is the only one that delivers a unique cross section of competitive pricing, market share and transactional data, resulting in the most holistic dataset. This level of hyper-transparency can then power a superior, truly aggressive pricing strategy that prioritizes margins and a competitive edge from the very beginning.

Nomis Solutions is a global, industry-leading provider with a longstanding history of delivering the most advanced and innovative technologies to financial market participants. Since its inception in 2002, Nomis Solutions has continued to evolve and remains at the forefront of AI/ML technology with its profitability management and competitive mortgage intelligence solutions.

At the end of the day, the right data has the power to level the competitive playing field—at the loan level, at the market level, and among mortgage lenders large and small.

There is no denying the mortgage industry is evolving. And while the market remains strong, there is even more competition between housing professionals.

In today’s competitive market, lenders need to know they have access to the most accurate and meaningful data. They need to be able to confidently detect areas of price sensitivity to raise margin in those areas and be able to identify where they are losing volume to key competitors.

Nomis Mortgage delivers the real-time data and actionable analytics that professionals need to remain nimble, act faster, and scale.

Product Snapshot: Nomis Mortgage is a holistic competitive intelligence tool that combines granular market- and lender-specific data with real-time rates, pricing analytics, and actionable recommendations that enable users to quickly identify and act on market opportunities, optimize operations and ultimately, maximize profitability.

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