Appraisal technology firm a la mode is changing around top-level executive staff. The company's previous chief information officer, Jay Shafer, is now promoted to chief executive officer. The previous CEO Scott Kinnaird will now chair the executive committee in the absence of founder Dave Biggers. Biggers, who founded the company 26 years ago, is retiring but will continue to chair the board of directors. The Oklahoma City-based company estimates that more than half of the nation's appraisers use some form of a la mode technology. A la mode claims it maintains more than tens of millions of appraisals in its secure cloud-based storage facilities. The company also offers appraisal apps for smart phones and tablet computers. "For the better part of the past decade, I’ve gradually removed myself from the day-to-day management of the company and turned it over to my extremely talented management team," said Biggers. "With Scott’s business development expertise and Jay’s technical acumen, they’re perfectly suited to lead this company moving forward." Write to Jacob Gaffney. Follow him on Twitter @jacobgaffney.