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Nationwide Title Clearing’s PerfectDocs enables virtually anyone to produce compliant documents

Prepare, validate, execute, notarize and record documents easily and within minutes

Outsourcing or hiring in-house compliance experts are no longer the only options for servicers who need help handling lien releases and assignment of mortgage documents. With the help of PerfectDocs technology, virtually anyone can prepare, validate, execute, notarize, and even record these documents easily and within minutes.

Drawing on Nationwide Title Clearing’s 30 years of experience, knowledge, and technology, the PerfectDocs platform allows users to produce a compliant document guaranteed by NTC, so long as the information is entered correctly. 

PerfectDocs combines many complex processes into a single, streamlined workflow platform that anyone can use. Among the processes included are thousands of variations of county requirements, recording fees, agency and GSE guidelines, MERS requirements, and compliant forms.  

Even users with minimal training or knowledge of lien releases and mortgage documents can produce compliant documents with PerfectDocs. The system drives the work, asking for information required in each jurisdiction and never requesting more information than is necessary to get the document recorded. 

Users respond to on-screen prompts, as the PerfectDocs system will not allow users to move forward to the next step without providing the information required to complete the document.

The platform drives efficiency through its intuitive data entry options based on state and county requirements, managing keystrokes to only what is required. Automatic and accurate calculation of recording fees for every recording jurisdiction nationwide based on the entered data and document content facilitates seamless entry. 

These calculations help reduce the potential for country rejects due to inaccurate or incomplete data or incorrect recording fees, which reduces risk and potential legal expenses downstream. 

NTC’s forms stand up under scrutiny, giving users confidence that their documents will be sufficient once recorded and serve their intended purpose. By effectively and efficiently managing a complex and risk-conscious service, PerfectDocs makes compliance simpler. 

In addition, PerfectDocs allows managers to control workflow with “share the work” capabilities. Users can choose which tasks are completed in-house and assign additional tasks to NTC for full-service document processing, an added benefit to disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

The PerfectDocs platform leverages NTC’s eRecord coverage, resulting in a nearly-paperless process, with 85% of the volume being electronically recorded. This saves time, money and provides a fast, precise turn time on recorded documents confirming completion of the process.

As a web-based platform, PerfectDocs enables all these benefits in a 100-percent remote environment, allowing users to be flexible. This eases the burden faced by businesses and professionals working from home due to COVID-19. 

PRODUCT: PerfectDocs

SNAPSHOT: PerfectDocs by Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) enables users to prepare, validate, execute, notarize and record their lien releases and assignment of mortgage documents, giving users 100% flexibility and control, which ultimately saves time and money.

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