Forget the days of the empty nesters.

Many mothers and fathers are now preparing to take in several roommates after their last child moves out. And it appears some of those roomates are their returning children and aging parents.

PulteGroup (PHM) released its latest index survey, which shows twice as many households preparing for their adult children or aging parents to move back in with them at some point.

Of those interviewed, 14% already have a boomerang kid who once left home under their roof and 31% expect at least one child will return in the future.

And it's not just the kids moving back in. Some families also are taking in their aging parents and grandparents. Fifteen percent already have older parents under their roof, another 32% expect to eventually share their homes with a parent.

PulteGroup says its Del Webb, Pulte and Centex communities are seeing an uptick in multi-generational households and believe this trend will only continue.

It appears this type of living arrangement is now inspiring new living arrangements. Seventy-two percent of those with aging parents in their homes expect to buy a bigger home or to renovate an existing one to provide family members with more space. Of those with children at home or planning to move back in, 49% expect to move into a larger home or expand their existing one.

Those who want multi-generational homes are on the hunt for separate living areas, mother-in-law suites, additional bathrooms and larger rooms, PulteGroup said.