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Inside Voices: Generational approaches to homebuying and investing

Former Harlem GlobeTrotter Lili Thompson, age 27, already owns 13 investment properties.

Introducing Inside Voices with Kristin Messerli, a new interview video series hosting by Messerli, who’s research on NextGen homebuyers helps to inform tomorrow’s generation. She is also author of NextGen Homebuyer Research and a speaker and educator.

Today, she interviews Lili Thompson, founder of Lili Invests. At just 27 years old, she has already established ownership of 13 properties. Her passion for real estate and building a community on YouTube began during the pandemic, when her career as a basketball player for the Harlem GlobeTrotters was cut short. Lili decided to explore the world of real estate investing in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and began documenting her journey on YouTube.

During her interview on Inside Voices with Kristin Messerli, Lili shares her inspiring story of breaking into the real estate industry, as well as her thoughts on how the next generation approaches homebuying and investing. She also delves into how educators can better engage with young adults like herself.

Here’s a preview of the interview:

Kristin Messerli: What are some other ways that educators or leaders in the space could do a better job of educating that first time buyer or younger consumer?

Lili Thompson: Yeah, I think one of them is just like, I think online there’s a push, especially to make things seem easy and simple and fast, and I think that actually does people a disservice. When I think easy, simple and fast, and then I go in and it’s not easy, simple and fast, I’m like, I’m out of here. This not what I signed up for. 

Unfortunately, home buying isn’t always an easy, simple, fast scenario, but if you’re prepared for the ways in which it might be difficult, then I think you’re a little better equipped to stick it out and actually arrive at the end goal you want. 

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