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Hot Seat: Austin Niemiec of Quicken Loans Mortgage Services

QLMS hasn't forgotten its roots in the broker community

Quicken Loans has seen incredible growth over the past year, doubling the number of its broker partners to more than 5,200. We talked to Austin Niemiec, executive vice president at QLMS, to find out how the company’s roots in the broker community benefit its partners today.

What are some of the major advantages that QLMS offers for its partners, especially in this abundant market?

In this current market, speed and certainty are key to keeping homebuyers happy. QLMS delivers great products to our partners, like our game-changing tool, “The Answer.” The Answer is our online search engine that’s like having an underwriter on call at all times; it delivers solutions in seconds, 24/7/365. It’s this kind of innovative technology that allows our partners focus on growing their business and building relationships.

Another focus of ours is transparency. QLMS takes care of third-party vendor items for our partners including VOEs, pay-offs, homeowners’ insurance and more.  We provide visibility into these items so our partners have real-time information about the status of their vendor items. In turn, our partners are delivering a significantly better experience to their clients and agents.

Why is it so important for a mortgage broker to have a partnership with a company with roots in the broker community?

Quicken Loans has its roots in the broker community. Dan Gilbert, the founder of Quicken Loans, started out as a mortgage broker. Today, Quicken Loans is the largest mortgage lender in America, but we haven’t forgotten our roots.  We know how important the broker community is, and we ensure that whether a homebuyer comes to Quicken Loans, or a QLMS partner, they have the best technology and experience.

We bring our partners the right blend of industry-leading pricing, cutting-edge products, innovative technology, important resources and valuable in-person trainings like Flight Path. Our partners walk away from our events with insights, strategies and real-world plans they can implement that same day. The results have been powerful, and have helped our partners differentiate themselves from their competition!

QLMS has incredible momentum and partners want to be part of it – allowing us to double the number of our partners in the last year to over 5,200 financial institutions, and growing, today.

What are some other key ways that QLMS helps its partners elevate their business? 

Along with our pricing, products, technology and resources – we listen. We love hearing feedback from our partners, because we use the feedback to innovate and improve the process for our partners.

Another QLMS program that raises the bar for partners is Pinnacle. Partners who are in our exclusive Pinnacle program have exclusive access to the newest features, and are invited to exclusive events with industry experts, receive marketing and recruiting consultation and more.

One of the most impactful Pinnacle benefits is Fresh Start, a program that helps our partners’ clients boost their credit scores. Pinnacle partners have access to a personal Fresh Start credit consultant, and typically clients raise their credit by an average of 38 points through the program. It’s a major game-changer and something our Pinnacle partners have given us very positive feedback on.

QLMS launched Pinnacle last year with just 28 partners in the program, and have grown it to nearly 350 in just a year.

Why is it so important for successful partners to double down on their business including a focus on marketing and process?

It’s a tremendous time for growth for our partners, so I encourage all of them to take this time to put more effort into the aspects of their business that will encourage growth.

Whether it’s investing in new technology, or hiring new team members, it’s the right time to improve your process. By doing this now, during this abundant market, you’re putting your business in the right position for sustainability.

Take time to show your clients what your company stands for and who you are. Enhance your marketing by using the QLMS Marketing Hub which provides effective direct mail, flyers, email and social tiles. Learn more about social media strategies from our webinars. There are countless ways to impact your business.

But most of all, align with a lender that is willing to support you and your growth.  Now, and for the long term, QLMS is here to help our partners with the right tools and a proven process for success.

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