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Chart shows overwhelming sinkhole risk in Florida

The state of Florida is riddled with verified sinkholes, a realization that becomes strikingly clear when reviewing a CoreLogic heat map  that highlights verified sinkholes in the state. (See chart below)

The same areas peppered with confirmed sinkholes became the subject of national press reports when a Florida man lost his life as his bedroom was swallowed by a massive sinkhole. CoreLogic found 16 verified sinkholes within a mile of the impacted residence. 

The state of Florida has 15,000 verified sinkholes altogether. 

Just take a look at the West Side of the state, where CoreLogic’s reddish-brown dots reflect all of the verified sinkholes.

The dark orange areas are not as threatening, but they do suggest large swatches of Florida sit on a subsurface consisting of barely or thinly covered limestone.

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