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Homebot offers a client engagement tool for loan officers and real estate agents

The platform drives client retention for lenders and agents

At the average age for retirement, 83% of wealth comes from real estate; however, many homeowners don’t consider their home an asset, much less a retirement strategy. In fact, homeowners leave billions of dollars in unrealized wealth on the table every year due to a lack of knowledge and guidance. Homebot’s dynamic financial dashboard aims to change the traditional mindset behind real estate wealth.

“Homebot was founded to revolutionize the way loan officers and real estate agents grow their businesses by empowering consumers to build wealth with the largest asset they will ever own, their home,” said Ernie Graham, CEO at Homebot.

Homebot delivers a “financial dashboard for the home” that tracks home equity and presents a personalized finance strategy for each client, that changes dynamically over time. Loan officers and real estate agents utilize this experience for instant engagement with their database and to maintain trusted-advisor-for-life client relationships.

With millions of homeowners already on the platform and high open rates averaging over 75%, Homebot is quickly entering and taking charge in the lender marketing space. By using Homebot as a tool to stay in touch with clients and give them actionable and valuable home finance information, lenders and agents have arrived at a new era of conducting business.

Systems of intelligence like Homebot can be used to better communicate what industry professionals want their clients to better understand. Top agents and lenders use Homebot to empower homeowners and in turn, generate more repeat and referral business. Homeowners can’t access Homebot without their lender or agent, so it keeps the agent/LO in the loop.

Homebot is unlike any other marketing solutions available to lenders. It’s a mobile-responsive web application and an immersive user experience filled with what-if scenarios and deeper engagement, which dynamically change with each homeowner that receives the digest.

“Homebot gives me more conversations. Conversations equal transactions… It has been instrumental in giving us better, more personalized opportunity for conversation,” said Nicole Reuth, branch manager at Fairway Independent Mortgage and Homebot user.

Homebot is purpose-built to help loan officers and independent mortgage brokers keep their customers for life, no matter if they are a current homeowner and want to better manage their personal home equity, or if they are currently in the market to purchase.

Homebot for Buyers is an industry first, unique set of “investor grade” features that allows loan officers to market directly to buyers and nurture pre-qual leads. LOs and agents can target leads ranging from first-time to existing, whether they want to upsize or downsize. Buyers can engage with a real-time heatmap of inventory supply & demand for every zip code in the US, filtering by market temperature, average time to buy, and average square foot. Perhaps the most powerful part of Homebot for Buyers is the personalized purchasing power monitor that converts interest rate changes into the effect on purchasing power.

The platform can also be co-sponsored/co-branded for Realtor partners and their clients, offering a great way for lenders to expand their sphere while giving Realtors the home finance content and support to supercharge their client-for-life strategy.

“Homebot changes the game for lenders and real estate agents by keeping their clients engaged with them, as trusted advisors for building wealth with real estate,” Graham said. “It’s not just a marketing ploy to warm up past clients with a friendly “happy anniversary” message, but rather a deeply personalized dashboard on how, as a homeowner, they can save money and build wealth with the largest asset they will ever own.”

PRODUCT: Homebot

SNAPSHOT: Homebot is a dynamic financial dashboard for the home that empowers homeowners to build wealth with the largest asset they may ever own. As a client engagement tool for loan officers and real estate agents, Homebot keeps past clients engaged, driving client retention and more transactions in the future.

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