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Continuity Programs provides automated marketing for LOs

MyCRMDashboard provides LOs an automated platform to stay in touch with borrowers

While it’s important for loan officers to win new business, it’s just as important to stay front-of-mind with past borrowers. Lenders have a poor track record of capturing repeat business, retaining less than 8% of their original customers, according to an article featured by the Mortgage Bankers Association. 

After a loan is closed, many borrowers never hear from their LO again. To help lenders capitalize on this missed opportunity, Continuity Programs developed MyCRMDashboard mortgage CRM — an automated platform that provides LOs a way to stay in touch with borrowers without spending countless hours doing it manually.

“We were driven by our users to develop and continuously improve an easy-to-use CRM exclusively for residential mortgage lenders,” said Kirk King, president of Continuity Programs. “The super-slick user interface doesn’t require extensive training and every user is able to submit feature requests.”


MyCRMDashboard runs automatically once the LOS integration is set up, pulling all the necessary data from the LOS to match each contact to the right marketing campaign.

The system includes mortgage-specific features, and because Continuity Programs does it all for them, LOs are not left to figure out how to set everything up on their own. MyCRMDashboard delivers executive reporting to management teams while providing marketers with a storefront where they can order corporate-approved designs as needed.

MyCRMDashboard generates mortgage leads without the LO having to lift a finger. Instead of having to sift through new listings every day or week, the technology does it automatically. MyCRMDashboard automatically generates marketing communications directed to those sellers so prospecting doesn’t get lost in the rush of other daily demands.

Automated drip campaigns are sent to pre-qualified borrowers helping to increase the LOs’ closing rate.This increased productivity means LOs are able to drive more closings without extra effort, growing the company’s bottom line as a result.

“After the loan is funded, the customer will automatically be moved from the milestones campaign into their post-closing program,” King said. “MyCRMDashboard is completely turnkey, which is why loan officers love it.”


Lenders who use MyCRMDashboard report many amazing results.

“The programs, results, leads, referrals, reviews and testimonial features, combined with their great service, set this company apart in the marketplace,” said Joe Culver, senior vice president and mortgage banking manager at NBT Bank in Norwich, NY. “NBT Bank averaged in the mid-80% range for customer satisfaction before using MyCRMDashboard. In 2019, we have risen to 94% satisfaction.”

Since implementing MyCRMDashboard, Continuity Programs sees a 217% over-average CRM adoption rate, and its clients average:

  • 43% email open rate
  • 44% customer satisfaction survey response rate
  • 24% conversion rate on CRM-generated leads

“MyCRMDashboard automates many of the functions that steal time and energy from LOs – and the company’s bottom line. Lenders can improve productivity, job satisfaction and referrals while reducing turnover, ensuring compliance and enhancing work-life balance,” King said.

To learn more about MyCRMDashboard, please call 800-521-0026 or visit

PRODUCT: MyCRMDashboard Mortgage CRM

SNAPSHOT: MyCRMDashboard is an innovative CRM exclusively for residential mortgage lenders. The easy-to-use software is not only a CRM; it also includes automated marketing based on 46+ years of experience. The turnkey campaigns nurture relationships and generate exclusive leads, online reviews, and repeat business for mortgage loan officers.

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