How to simplify the appraisal process for everyone in today’s hot market

The housing market isn't slowing down anytime soon, and appraisers need to make sure they have the right tools to manage the high demand.

Who’s afraid of the PSPA?

Stakeholders are divided over whether, in light of proposed changes to its capital rule, the FHFA should retool its agreement with the U.S. Treasury and remove policies some say never belonged there in the first place.

Back to the Future of Mortgage Lending

This webinar will discuss what’s to come in the future of mortgage lending by analyzing past trends in the industry, evolving consumer behaviors and demographics of the industry’s production capacity.

Logan Mohtashami on jobs data and the bond market

In this episode of HousingWire Daily, Logan Mohtashami discusses what the jobs data, changes in the bond market, and the Omicron variant could mean for housing.


HW 2019 Insider: Randy Kozlowski

Executive of Performance Excellence, CoreLogic

Randy Kozlowski is an industry pioneer with more than 30 years of leadership in the mortgage servicing and tax industries.

F2Throughout his eight years with CoreLogic, Kozlowski has transitioned from spearheading the reinvention of the company’s tax services division by centralizing its operations in Dallas, to now working as a performance excellence executive operating as the liaison between CoreLogic and the company’s top 50 tax and flood customers. Every day he listens to these customers’ goals and concerns to help them develop unique solutions to meet their business objectives. His personal approach and passion for helping clients to succeed has created a trust with his network that has significantly impacted CoreLogic’s bottom line. Outside of his day-to-day tasks, Kozlowski works with the CoreLogic LeaP program, designed to promote development for transitioning junior military officers to leadership positions with the CoreLogic.

“Keeping a positive attitude is the key to success. Early in my career, I found that positioning challenges or failures as learning opportunities helped me grow professionally. Through these learnings, I also discovered the importance of teamwork.”

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To advance mortgage lending, trust must take backseat to truth

The problem with the “trust, but verify” model, which is still used by many lending institutions today, is that it’s time-consuming and expensive.

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