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Maximize your reach, gain more referrals by marketing with an independent mortgage broker

Three ways you can market better by partnering with your local mortgage broker

Marketing is a critical part of growing your business, capturing new leads and getting referrals from past clients. As a real estate professional, you’re constantly marketing — not only yourself and your business — but also properties and communities. But did you know that you can expand on your marketing strategy to better promote your business and gain more referrals without much, if any, extra effort? You can! By partnering with a local independent mortgage broker.

Especially when compared with large banks and retail lenders, mortgage brokers allow you to get your buyers to the closing table faster and more cost-effectively. Partnering with a mortgage broker ensures:

  • Consistently fast turn times
  • Competitive rates
  • Control over the entire process
  • Fast, worry-free closings
  • A one-stop shop for loan programs and specialty products to fit all unique financing needs

With the myriad of benefits that mortgage brokers offer, combining your marketing efforts is a great way to provide real added value to your buyers that will keep them coming back to you. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can collaborate with a mortgage broker to grow and educate your clients.

1. Utilize social media to build a following

Social media is a great way to engage with both potential and past buyers to keep your business top-of-mind when it comes to purchasing a new home. Your clients are spending hours of their time scrolling, liking, and researching on social platforms daily — so the impact social media can have on your business should come as no surprise.

When collaborating with a mortgage broker on social media, consider the following methods to help reach not only your own followers but theirs as well:

  • Tag the mortgage broker in success stories and closing photos
  • Stream mortgage 101 Q&A interviews on Facebook Live
  • Post Instagram Story micro-moments of behind-the-scenes footage at open houses
  • Spotlight your preferred mortgage broker partner and the benefits they provide

2. Develop content that attracts and keeps buyers engaged

Developing engaging, valuable content for your homebuyers will not only help attract them to your business but will keep them coming back for more information. Producing this content helps establish you as a leader in the local community and also the real estate industry as a whole.

If you find yourself unsure of where to start, or even what to discuss, collaborating with a mortgage broker is a great solution that can lend instant credibility in educating your clients on the entire homebuying process. Mortgage brokers will help bring a fresh perspective to your content and showcase a critical piece of the homebuying process – paying for it.

Consider incorporating one, or all three, of these platforms:

  • Video Marketing: Videos can be embedded on social media, in emails, and on your website. Proactively answer your client’s questions by filming how-to’s or Q&A’s, and co-hosting educational events with a mortgage broker.
  • Podcasting: Podcasts are a great platform where you can discuss home-buying or mortgage-related tips or community topics. Showcase your personality and partnership with a mortgage broker and other local experts through this long-form audio format that typically keeps clients engaged for 20 to 50 minutes at a time.
  • Blogging: Long-form blogs can boost your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website. Have a local mortgage broker guest-write blogs for your website to add unique content to share across social platforms.

3. Capitalize on technology to hit your contract dates quickly

Current technology helps the homebuying process move quickly and easily. Homebuyers now expect everything to be done faster – and with the help of an independent mortgage broker, you can deliver.

Mortgage brokers have access to unparalleled technology that shortens the mortgage process from an industry average of 41 days to just 14 days. The faster the process, the faster you close – it’s a win for every party involved.

When developing a marketing plan, consider how you can leverage technology to provide the most value to your buyers, including:

  • Online pre-qualifications and mortgage application portals
  • Automatic doc-less income and assets, where your buyers don’t need to go find their pay stubs or bank statements
  • Opportunity to have an appraisal waived – some mortgage brokers can even tell you if a property is eligible before you submit to a lender
  • Virtual e-closings that allow you to close from anywhere, at any time, even from out of the country. All you need is wi-fi.
  • Loan tracking that allows you to update your buyers on their loan status from submission to closing

The need for speed is increasingly important as it can mean the difference between hitting a contract date or missing it. Educate your clients and utilize a local mortgage broker’s technology to ensure a smooth process and closing, every time.

Local partnerships matter

Collaborating with a local mortgage broker is a move that will help you capture more prospective leads and build a loyal following. Not only will you expand your brand awareness by reaching a new audience, but you will also build a meaningful relationship with a business partner who is invested in your community. When done consistently, this partnership will continue to evolve over time and positively impact your overall business.

Ready to get started? Visit to learn more about the advantages of working with an independent mortgage broker and how you can find one in your area.

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