As the CEO and founder of Covered Insurance Solutions, Ross Diedrich’s high return on investment strategy has allowed the B2B2C company to serve a $100B marketplace.

Under his leadership, Covered has now run 100 million home insurance estimations representing over $22 trillion. The chartered financial analyst has also architected a complex multichannel product launch that has yielded world-class partners across the servicing, lending and real estate marketplaces. Diedrich’s diverse senior team of experienced insurance, startup and scale-up executives has propelled Covered through a four-stage, multi-year plan. In 2019, the company was recognized as a HousingWire Tech100 winner, highlighting the success of its API and point-of-sale technology.

“Maniacal prioritization. Every night, I review team progress, issues and company milestones. From there, I create a digital task list of priorities for the next day, paying special attention to high-priority initiatives, home runs and cross-department contingencies. In the morning, I focus on the priorities I’ve determined for the day, accomplishing as much as possible before the rest of the team shows up. Once they arrive, I have a concise list of action items and cross-department dependencies that I address to enable our company to move fast and make meaningful progress.”

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