The last few years have seen a spate of natural disasters, from historic flooding to out-of-control wildfires, making it more important than ever for financial institutions to partner with the right provider of lender-placed insurance to protect their assets. Servicers and investors need an insurance partner that will not only provide a range of products, but leverage technology to make the whole process efficient and transparent for the financial institution and the homeowner.

SWBC, an international financial services company founded in 1976, delivers streamlined lender-placed protection programs that satisfy regulators, servicers and homeowners. SWBC is a flexible partner for financial institutions of any size, with scalable mortgage protection services that allow clients to pick the programs that fit them best.

Financial institutions have a range of options to choose from, including web-based self-service, perfect for smaller portfolios; MortgageFlex, which lets clients control customer contact but leverages SWBC technology; and full outsourcing.

Not only is SWBC adaptable to the many business needs of investors, but the company is able to work with multiple carriers on behalf of servicers, ensuring that the best possible insurance plan is in place to protect the servicers’ collateral.

“SWBC is not simply an insurance tracking vendor, and as such we have products that fit the many needs of the institutions we work with, including auto loan insurance tracking, collections, payment solutions, mortgage originations, and more,” said Janet Loriot, executive vice president, Financial Institution Group-Operations for SWBC. “We are made up of 16 different divisions and many more products to address the many needs of our clients.”


Meeting regulatory guidelines from numerous governing bodies, including the CFPB, the GSEs, the FDIC, the NFIP, and individual states, is one of the most important aspects of any LPI partner, and top of mind for financial institutions.

SWBC has built a robust legal and compliance team that stays ahead of the changing compliance landscape by monitoring for new and updated requirements through a number of industry boards, GSE discussions, industry-specific conferences, a wide range of contacts with servicers, and more.

“Our team is constantly reviewing the state of the industry— not only with recently implemented legislation, but also legislation and audit topics that are being discussed,” said Mark Hein, chief executive officer of SWBC’s Financial Institution Group.

More than 300 financial institutions rely on SWBC’s 30 years of experience in providing LPI services, which includes 20 years offering full outsourcing services. SWBC’s expertise allows it to keep informed and ahead of changing compliance requirements while still being flexible to the business needs of the investors that servicers are doing business with.

“Many times different investors have a different appetite for risk, and SWBC prides itself in being able to accommodate those differing needs,” Loriot said.

The company’s track record in the industry and reputation for excellence are some of the reasons that one of its owners, Charlie Amato, was appointed to the board of the Federal Reserve of Dallas representing the San Antonio area in 2016.