Regulators are scrutinizing the timeliness and accuracy of real estate tax payments, which means lenders need reliable tax solutions to stay compliant. By leveraging the power, scale and breadth of its data, CoreLogic is able to equip clients with a solution that meets these demands.

CoreLogic’s DigitalTax Platform is designed to be much more than a user interface. With workflow tools, streamlined payment methodologies, near real-time portfolio monitoring and integrated reporting and analytics, the DigitalTax Platform provides clients the most accurate data throughout the process.

“Consumer expectations over time have changed significantly and they will continue to evolve with innovations such as smartphones, social media, augmented reality and many others,” said Nathan Pace, senior leader at CoreLogic. “We expect the DigitalTax Platform to be at that level of innovation.”

By focusing on digitizing processes, the DigitalTax Platform helps eliminate some of the pain points in the tax process, including returns.

HousingWire sat down with Nathan Pace and Kirk Randlett, executive at CoreLogic, to discuss the Digital Tax Platform and its impact on the tax service industry.

CoreLogic plans to evolve the DigitalTax Platform through continued consumer feedback.

“The industry is ripe for disruption right now and CoreLogic is committed to being a part of the next wave of technology,” Pace said.