2019 is going to be a pivotal year for mortgage companies. Those who want to stay competitive in a low-volume environment need tech solutions that not only make them more efficient, but allow them to build customer relationships based on outstanding consumer experiences.

EXOS Technologies, a ServiceLink company, provides an agile end-to-end consumer digital platform that lenders can use at any point in the digital process, enhancing every critical consumer touchpoint from origination all the way through servicing.

“The industry is focused on POS, but that’s a one-time loan app, and often the digital journey ends right there,” said Kiran Vattem, chief digital and technology officer at ServiceLink. “What we provide is a true end-to-end digital journey.

The challenge is to help our clients think through all the downstream workflows, and how to digitize them while they are solving the front-end loan app — and that is where EXOS fits in precisely. It addresses their need to have that complete digital journey.”

Leveraging REST APIs and micro-service architecture, EXOS Technologies brings what were traditionally offline processes, such as title, appraisal, closing and servicing-related functions, into the digital realm. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the EXOS platform is constantly evolving to drive better decisioning and fulfillment.

“EXOS is not just one product to meet a specific need, it’s an end-to-end consumer digital platform that lenders can plug into their consumer digital strategy — either as a whole or in parts,” Vattem said. “EXOS provides a digital touchpoint for loan officers, real estate agents, appraisers, signing agents and consumers from the origination process through servicing of the loan.”


EXOS Appraisal, for example, transforms one of the most frustrating parts of the loan process — getting a timely, accurate appraisal — into a transparent interaction for the consumer, lender and real estate agent. EXOS Appraisal is the first solution to offer an instant calendar feature, which synchs with the schedules of the most qualified appraisers in a given area. Borrowers can now easily set an exact date and time that works for them through mobile apps, voice assistants and wearable technology, such as a smartwatch.

“Our cloud-based architecture allows us to expand channels very quickly because it separates our user engagement layer from our platform — it’s plug and play. Our focus is on enabling the consumer to choose the engagement layer that they prefer. We keep adding new user engagement layers as they become more popular,” Vattem said.

EXOS provides the kind of seamless experience homeowners now expect, sending the appraiser’s name, photo and contact information, as well as the make and model of their car, as soon as the appointment is made.

The app makes it just as easy for appraisers, who can download the EXOS mobile office management suite at no charge and immediately start sharing their calendars. This maximizes appraisers’ productivity and reduces delivery times by as much as 40%.


The robust EXOS technology platform also supports the EXOS Closing solution, extending consumer engagement into one of the most critical parts of the loan process.

Homeowners often feel a lot of stress as closing approaches, and EXOS smooths the way with real-time appointment scheduling that also sends homeowners their closing agent’s personal profile and signing updates.

Lenders can choose EXOS Closing as their national signing solution — presenting the signing service as a separate and distinct fee — or utilize their existing digital platforms and private label the solution for consistent branding.

Lenders can reinforce the positive closing experience when it’s still fresh in the mind of consumers with a convenient, customizable survey served through the app. Survey results provide lenders with another consumer touchpoint as well as valuable insight on the consumer’s overall satisfaction.

“The goal of our EXOS product is to reengineer all of the traditional consumer touch points in the loan life cycle to drive soaring consumer satisfaction and to build brand loyalty for our customers,” Vattem said.


While many efforts to digitize the mortgage process have concentrated on the beginning stage of origination, very few have continued that effort into servicing — missing the opportunity for lenders who portfolio their loans and for investors/servicers meeting homeowners for the first time.

For lenders, EXOS makes it easy to transition their homeowners from a transparent, fulfilling home-loan experience into an equally positive servicing relationship.

Utilizing the same technology that was so helpful with their appraisal and closing, homeowners can manage their account in a familiar, friendly format.

For servicers just beginning their relationship with homeowners, EXOS Servicing delivers an ideal first impression, and gives them immediate access to self-serve options.


  • • See account status
  • • Check payment due dates
  • • Make a new payment
  • • See pending payments
  • • View monthly statements
  • • View escrow details

The ability to easily see and control their account not only increases customer satisfaction, but has a bottom-line impact for servicers by reducing call center and email volumes.

ServiceLink designed EXOS Servicing in partnership with its LoanCare division, a top subservicer that serves over 1 million customers, and uses the software itself. ServiceLink’s deep expertise has been baked into the design and continues to inform its evolution.

“Any product we roll out to the market has already been vetted by our business and is of industrial strength,” Vattem said. “The EXOS engagement layers were built based on significant feedback from innovation council meetings and the product went through multiple iterations of user testing.”

EXOS Servicing maintains the personal connection with homeowners throughout the life of their loan, communicating with them through their favorite devices with customized alerts for push notifications, emails and text messages.


EXOS Technologies — whether leveraged for appraisal, closing or servicing — solves the inefficiencies that exist in the mortgage process through one agile and scalable digital platform.

In the midst of a very challenging mortgage landscape, lenders and servicers can forge real relationships with their customers and extend that over the life of their loan — serving as trusted advisors ready to help with any future financial needs.