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Ellie Mae provides a customizable, branded and mobile online application

Encompass Consumer Connect engages borrowers and provides lenders with faster results

Today’s average homebuyer is three times more likely to find a lender online than they were five years ago, and 60% of homebuyers expect to apply for and complete their home loan application completely online. In order to meet these expectations, Ellie Mae developed Encompass Consumer Connect, which allows lenders to offer an engaging online consumer experience that’s transparent and compliant. 

logoEncompass Consumer Connect goes beyond a mere online application. The product is completely customizable, branded and accessible from any mobile device.

The platform, coupled with Encompass CRM marketing automation and Velocify sales automation solutions, ensures that every application is met with a customized and personal experience. The integration with Ellie Mae’s Encompass allows information to flow into one single system of record and help lenders close loans faster, reduce the cost of origination and do so with complete compliance.

Encompass Consumer Connect also includes:

Modern, responsive design: Homebuyers can easily access and navigate the lenders’ site and application from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, anytime and anywhere at their convenience.

Easy configuration and controls: Lenders can control and customize their site design, application flow, specific business process workflow and ensure consistency of their unique and specific brand.

Easy-to-complete applications: Lenders can automate and authenticate data collection through integrated services, such as pulling a credit report and online asset verification, which allow consumers to accurately complete loan applications in less time.

A secure online borrower portal: Lenders save time by giving consumers a paperless way to collaborate with lenders by allowing them to drag and drop documents or images into the portal, upload photos from a phone, eSign documents and receive real-time updates.

Built-in business intelligence: Lenders will gain insight into consumer engagement and keep consumers connected with immediate follow up.

More automation: Lenders will automatically receive applications in Encompass underwritten by Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter or Freddie Mac’s Loan Product Advisor to help close loans in fewer days.

Native compliance: Whether or not a consumer completes the entire application, Consumer Connect leverages the business rules within Encompass to ensure lenders are alerted to any compliance obligations they may have, even with incomplete or abandoned applications.

Prospective borrowers will discover a secure, customized web experience where they can research rates and loan options, fill out a simple, conversational-style loan application, securely upload documents from any device and receive real-time status updates. The product allows borrowers to stay engaged throughout the loan process and keep every party on the same page.

“With Encompass Consumer Connect, Ellie Mae has created a transparent and efficient workflow, where the amount of change we have to introduce to our operations staff is minimal, but we save time and get a huge lift in our customer experience,” said Andria Lightfoot, senior vice president of Information Systems, George Mason Mortgage. “The real icing on the cake is that Ellie Mae understands that we want to uniquely brand and design this experience for our customers – we don’t just want to buy something off the shelf and look like everything else. We can customize almost every aspect of the platform.”

PRODUCT: Ellie Mae's Encompass Consumer Connect

SNAPSHOT: Encompass Consumer Connect gives Ellie Mae Encompass lenders the ability to offer a consumer web experience that goes beyond a mere online application. It is truly a state-of-the-art, completely customizable, branded and engaging digital mortgage experience for homebuyers – accessible from any device.

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