An Insider’s Look Into How Secondary Marketing Evaluates LOs

In this webinar we’ll explore the long-term financial impacts of renegotiations, extensions and fallouts, plus basic guidelines to be viewed as a professional by your secondary marketing department

HousingWire Annual Virtual Summit

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How servicers can access timely, accurate data insights

Learn how to navigate the challenges in today’s market – for example, the need for ongoing, on-demand access to near-real-time data and the ability to access those data insights in a timely and accurate manner.

Steve Murray on new brokerage models, CFPB crackdowns

Today’s HousingWire Daily features a discussion on the emergence of a new brokerage model and the validity behind the concerns against institutional investors.

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DocMagic’s new app maximizes borrower engagement

The LoanMagic app and the LenderPortal work together to provide a pain-free loan process for borrowers and lenders

What borrowers want is easy, convenient lender interaction… free from the hassle of paper, faxes, emails etc. At the same time, lenders and closing agents need a way to keep borrowers happy and responsive in order to keep things flowing. The LoanMagic app is a win on both sides of the relationship.

logoLoanMagic and the LenderPortal keep the loan process moving, giving borrowers, lenders and closing agents 24/7 access to track and manage the loan process. Everyone communicates in real-time — easily sending, signing and sharing critical loan data and documents. The notification system alerts users to outstanding items and helps to close loans quicker than ever.

LoanMagic: ”More than a loan… it’s an exciting life event and it deserves to feel that way”

LoanMagic is for borrowers. It lets them do everything right from their phone or tablet. This means that they can eSign documents or send you missing information using one hand while the other is holding that chai latte.

Borrowers can also follow the progress using LoanMagic’s visual tracker. Who needs to call their loan officer every day when the closing date is right there on your phone and updated in real-time?

That’s right, the experience has the side benefit of reducing calls from confused or frustrated borrowers. Like a Swiss Army knife, LoanMagic packs all sorts of neat productivity tools like integrations to DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive, a documents scanner, finger-print and facial recognition, integrations to your calendar and more.

“When we created this app, we were obsessed with keeping the loan process moving forward at all times… maximizing borrower engagement and minimizing delays.” said Ron Carrillo, product manager.

For borrowers: 

  • A loan tracker gives the borrower a sense of momentum
  • The ability to sign and return documents in seconds
  • A task manager speeds up the loan process
  • Intuitive design ensures borrower loyalty, autonomy and satisfaction

LenderPortal: It’s business time

The LenderPortal is a web platform for lenders and closing agents that works with LoanMagic. It allows them to assign borrowers To-Do items, track disclosures and documents, schedule events and request documents or information. Because of LoanMagic’s push notifications, integrated messaging and intuitive design, those requests will get turned around faster than you can say “initial disclosure agreement” (ok maybe not that fast, but still fast).

As if this wasn’t enough, these tools are directly integrated with your LOS, meaning much of the complexity is already automated for you. The whole system rests on DocMagic’s eVault so every transaction is stored securely for bullet-proof compliance which means that your security folks are friendlier than usual.

Oh, did we mention that the Lender Portal is optimized for mobile too? Now we did! Mortgage professionals can get it all done whether at their desk or on the move.

For lenders:

  • LOS Integration – works with what you are already using
  • Integrated messaging eliminates phone calls & emails
  • Triggers faster borrower reactions
  • Every transaction is stored securely in the eVault

Connect better… and close faster with LoanMagic.

PRODUCTS: LoanMagic app and LenderPortal

SNAPSHOT: The LoanMagic app and the LenderPortal work together to maximize borrower engagement and minimize delays. LoanMagic has all the tools for borrowers to eSign and otherwise comply with instructions. On the other side of the process, the LenderPortal enables lenders and closing agents to assign to-do items and track documents from borrowers.

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