2018 Rising Stars: Vince Wilson

In-House Counsel and Compliance Coordinator at IDS


Vince Wilson, IDS’ in-house counsel and compliance coordinator, is responsible for implementing changes to idsDoc audits based on new regulations. He took the lead in interpreting and implementing the Jan. 1, 2018, revisions to Article 16 Section 50 of the Texas Constitution, including analyzing and counseling audits to ensure compliance with timing and drafting of new disclosures for 50(f) refinance loans.

Wilson also writes content for the IDS Compliance Resources site. Wilson took a proactive approach to meeting GSE mandates; and, in February 2017, IDS announced it was the first mortgage document vendor to have its XML file certified by Fannie and Freddie.


The best piece of advice I have ever received was when I was a teenager working construction with my father. He told me that your priorities in life will determine where you spend your time and, consequently, how you live your life. If you are able to understand what is important to you and act accordingly, you will be both successful and happy no matter what happens in life. I’m always working on getting better at this, but I find myself the happiest and most fulfilled when I am properly focused on my priorities.

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