Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Acting Director Mick Mulvaney announced his latest change – a new chief communications officer for the bureau and may be tipping his hand at bigger plans to come.

The CFPB announced Monday it named John Czwartacki as its new chief communications officer and spokesperson. Czwartacki is joining the bureau from the Office of Management and Budget, where he also served as spokesman under Mulvaney.

“It has been nothing short of the highlight of my career serving the current budget director, his patriotic and tireless staff, and the Trump administration overall.” Czwartacki said. “It has been my pleasure to work alongside an extremely talented communications team both at OMB and in the West Wing.”

“I look forward to continuing my service, alongside Mick Mulvaney and his tremendous staff, for the foreseeable future,” he said. “We have lots of work ahead of us.”

Czwartacki is known for having invented the term MAGAnomics to replace the term Trumponomics. MAGA stands for Make America Great Again, and Mulvaney explained that the current economic agenda is “bigger than just this president.”

Mulvaney’s role at the agency is only temporary, as the permanent director will need to go through the approval process from Congress, but that has not stopped him from making considerable changes at the CFPB.

In the meantime, Mulvaney is making the most of his time at the bureau as he implements changes and sets up his people in positions to push the administration’s current economic agenda.

Czwartacki was hired on at the OMB from the earliest days of the administration, and was named senior advisor at the CFPB once Mulvaney was appointed to his dual role at the agency.

The agency explained Czwartacki will join the CFPB’s team as it works to prepare for the still unnamed permanent director, as well as “create a more effective, efficient and accountable actor within the federal government.”