Clear Capital has been developing platforms for the past 17 years that improve the order and fulfillment of real estate valuations. As both a provider of real estate valuations and a technology company, Clear Capital has seen firsthand how people’s lives can improve when they have the right tools.

In an industry that has too often been held hostage by inflexible solutions, data that can’t be leveraged and long waits to gain access to new functionality, Clear Capital’s ClearCollateral Platform changes the game for lenders, servicers and investors.

“The ClearCollateral Platform provides the first valuation order management solution that’s ready to solve modern challenges with modern technology, with an analytics-driven workflow, configurable provider allocation and powerful valuation review tools built on SaaS technology,” said Kenon Chen, executive vice president of product at Clear Capital.

“Whether you are involved in origination, investment or servicing, the platform unlocks radical efficiency, unmatched quality and complete synergy with a process you manage across multiple organizations.”

F3 tagClearCollateral Platform was designed from the ground up to not only anticipate change, but to enable change at speed. Using the latest cloud and big data technology, all of a client’s data can now be leveraged and scale with their business.

Clients can now make a quick allocation change based on the performance of valuation providers, add a product to the system before a rush order gets placed or reroute workflow to a different team based on UCDP results — all without having to engage a technology team.

The ClearCollateral Platform is built around a near real-time property database. This means that when the local market changes, Clear Capital clients are the first to know. Property data and analytics are available right where they need them, whether it’s intelligence informing the right type of valuation to be ordered or context during collateral underwriting.

“The ability to quickly create automated workflows based on great data enables you to stay ahead of the competition,” Chen said. “With a full set of modern APIs, our ClearCollateral Platform can integrate directly with your LOS and/or digital mortgage platform, giving visibility to the right people at the right place.”

And consumers will benefit from the ability to reduce turn times through real-time capacity and allocation management.

ClearCollateral Platform also provides full audit and activity logging. Each event and decision is preserved for future reporting and user management tools ensure permissions are aligned with training, role and skillset.

“Clear Capital’s strong partnership with GSEs and a deep understanding of their expectations has greatly informed the design and functionality of the platform,” Chen said. “As a UCDP direct integrator, we are able to provide automated submission and review workflow based on Fannie Mae CU scores and Freddie Mac LCA scores.”

ClearCollateral Platform can radically reduce turn times by changing the way valuations are manufactured. Because of the robust data tools available within the platform, desktop valuations can be performed without needing to wait for an outsourced provider and getting a value update to a portfolio asset becomes a painless experience.

And through Clear Capital’s Modern Appraisal Program, true certainty of appraisal delivery can be achieved. The tight integration with this program will allow a standard appraisal form and data that conforms to GSE standards to be brought back to the lender and consumer.

“Through the use of modern technology, analytics, in-house appraiser assistants and an army of highly trained third-party inspectors, there is an immediate improvement to turn time, predictability and consumer experience,” Chen said.

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