A look at Biden’s first week in office

This episode reviews last week’s inauguration of President Joe Biden, examining which housing issues the new administration has already taken action on.

Biden’s executive order will extend foreclosure moratorium

President Biden revealed his plan to sign 17 executive orders his first day in office, including am extension of the eviction and foreclosure moratorium to at least March 31.

If consumers aren’t holding lenders back, then who or what is?

The challenge for lenders and investors is understanding how to meet borrowers where they are without layering on risk or getting bogged down in third-party intermediation.

HomeBridge’s Brian White on diversity at a practical level

HomeBridge's Brian “Woody” White discusses ways to increase diversity within the housing finance industry.

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ACT Appraisal’s hands-on customer service lets lenders focus on growth

Offers a national network of certified licensed appraisers

ACT Appraisal has a long history as an appraisal management company, serving the residential mortgage market in all 50 states with a national network of certified licensed appraisers. The company’s focus on providing excellent customer service starts with its in-house staff of experienced appraisers, who leverage their knowledge of valuations to provide the support lenders need for quick, accurate results.   

“ACT has been a functioning AMC for 20 years now, and that is all we do,” said Bryan Franks, founder. “Residential mortgage originated appraisals is our main thrust and will continue to be.”

ACT assigns specific team members to work with each lender. This team selects appraisers based on their proximity to the subject property, certifications, experience and a proprietary ranking/rating system. ACT also uses its in-house appraisers to perform a manual quality-control check on every appraisal, applying not only industry standards but also specific client overlays.

F3 tag“Our processing software, combined with personal service, adds value to the appraisal process by allowing us to compete with larger AMC’s, yet, maintain a small-town feel,” Franks expressed. “Our customer service and QC quality is unsurpassed — just ask our clients.”  

One of those clients, an account executive in wholesale, said, “Appraisal issues can sting an AE’s pipeline. However, with ACT Appraisal, I saw my volume grow to $150 million in 2014 and then to $325 million in 2015. I attribute this growth to my ability to focus on my business and not on appraisal issues. 

“ACT Appraisal is my Wingman. I can’t speak highly enough of ACT Appraisal – from management to customer service, outstanding in every way. Just call their general number. Someone picks up the phone directly every time!”

Another customer detailed how the support from ACT made a difference in his business.

“I can guarantee that your company can grow your business if you make ACT Appraisal your principal AMC. I did that and my business doubled. Once your clients can trust that they can get a quality appraisal, you can focus on other important things like growing your business. 

He continued, “No company can grow without a quality vendor partner. I cannot recommend highly enough ACT Appraisal as an AMC and I can’t emphasize enough my deepest gratitude for their help in allowing me to grow my business.” 

ACT Appraisal maintains close contact with clients, offering live support for extended hours Monday through Saturday, as well as online status updates that are available 24/7.

The company continues to expand existing clientele to new geographic areas and is reaching new clients outside of the normal channels of mortgage banking, such as hard money lenders, credit unions and non-QM lenders.  

“Through experience, growth and our unwavering commitment to each partner, we promise to help optimize your results, save you time and money and keep you compliant,” Franks concluded.


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Biden’s executive order will extend foreclosure moratorium

President Biden plans to sign 17 executive orders his first day in office, including an extension of the eviction and foreclosure moratorium.

Jan 20, 2021 By

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Biden calls on HUD to address racial equity

President Joe Biden’s Tuesday orders include a memorandum that directs HUD to both mitigate racial bias in housing and advance fair housing laws.

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