As chief executive officer, Andrew Rippert is responsible for leading and managing Arch Capital Group’s global mortgage insurance, reinsurance and credit risk operations. In his role, Rippert leads the company’s key markets in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.  

rippertIn the past year, Rippert led Arch’s efforts to acquire United Guaranty — then the mortgage insurance market share leader — from AIG. 

The acquisition combined the two most innovative mortgage insurers to create a new industry leader. As part of the acquisition of United Guaranty, Arch acquired AIG United Guaranty Insurance Asia, expanding Arch’s mortgage guaranty operations to Hong Kong. 

Since the deal closed, Rippert has overseen the successful integration of the two companies, including relocating its headquarters from California to North Carolina and consolidating systems and processes, all while minimizing customer disruption. 

In addition to oversight of domestic and international flow of the company’s mortgage insurance operations, Rippert continues to showcase his dedication to drive innovation in the larger mortgage industry. In leading Arch Capital’s credit risk transfer initiative, Rippert worked within the GSE and non-GSE space to find new opportunities for originators, insurance companies, and investors in the single-family, up-front credit risk transfer market. As a result of his leadership, the company led the development of reinsurance execution for GSE credit risk transfers under Freddie Mac’s ACIS transactions. 

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