Roostify, an automated lending technology provider and HousingWire 2017 Tech 100 winner, announced a partnership with Matic Insurance Services, a digital homeowners insurance agency for mortgage borrowers, to help bring one of the final steps in the home-buying process online.

Through the partnership, Matic’s digital homeowner’s insurance agency will be integrated into Roostify’s digital home loan process.

“Our partnership with Roostify makes it as easy as the tap of a button for borrowers to purchase homeowner’s insurance during the loan application process,” added Matic co-founder and COO Ben Madick. “We make the policy information simple to understand, and the entire process takes just minutes, alleviating unnecessary borrower stress and enabling loan officers to close loans faster.”

Roostify has partnered with lenders like Guild Mortgage to help them launch digital mortgage platforms.

“Homeowner’s insurance has long been a missing element in mortgage innovation,” said Matic co-founder and CEO Aaron Schiff, who demonstrated the integration.

“By relocating the insurance purchase decision to where it belongs — within the mortgage transaction — Matic is bridging the gap between mortgage tech and insurtech and meaningfully improving the experience of borrowers and lenders alike,” said Schiff.