Here’s how to understand the basic principles of disruptive mortgage technologies

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In the upcoming session for the California Mortgage Bankers Association “Digital Mortgage Origination for Today,” me and the other panelists will cover the underlying principles of disruptive digital mortgage origination.

This short high-level presentation will cover topics ranging from understanding the basic principles of disruptive technologies and the catalysts that create them’ to ‘defining steps that will help your company keep pace with the changing business environment’.

I highly recommend attending this session for anyone that wants to understand the drivers that are shaping today’s digital origination solutions.

Still not sold on attending? Here's why, if you work in mortgage tech, you need to go…

Session highlights will include:

Common digital requirements for all ages: Understanding the commonality of service expectations that meet the value propositions of both Baby Boomer and Millennial consumers.

Delivering digital trust and ease of use are key requirements across all demographics. Consumers of all ages require ease of access that mirrors their consumption on other common sites. For a digital conversion to be a success a lender’s site needs to convey trust, clearly demonstrate the terms of the offer, while systemically automating and streamlining the delivery of the consumer’s request for financing

Adding digital strategies to a traditional referral business -How to add services that enhance traditional lines of business and make seamless transitions.

It is essential to have a digital plan that contemplates the company’s existing relationships and the usage requirements of staff. A successful digital conversion provides technology that adds to the company’s capacity by making loan officers and their referral partners more efficient. Being cognoscente of matching the business’ technology needs to the usage requirements of the company’s available human capital is a huge step in avoiding unnecessary expense and implementation failure.

Solving for “PITA” – “Pain In Technical Acquisition”

Today lenders are confronted by a myriad of technological solutions and options.  The selection, or combination of same, is dependent upon the extent to which a lender chooses to delve in digital origination. It is essential, therefor, to look forward, and scope the requirements so as to identify critical processes (must haves) and distinguish those elements from others that are lesser, but desired, features. Having a clear understanding of the end result, APIs, and the connectivity of the platforms one intends to use, are essential to a successful end result.

While this is just the beginning of a very long conversation on the disruptive elements needed in mortgage tech, it is nonetheless a great start to the talk. Hope to see you all there.




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